About Us

Welcome to We shopping store

We're a wholly Owned and Operated Online Retailer, an internet leader in providing customers with high-quality products at very reasonable prices.

Top Product! Top Service! Top Prices!

That's our catch phrase and what it means is that we work hard to find quality products to offer our customers at competitive prices while providing a high quality of Customer Service. It's our goal for you, our customer, to be happy whenever you shop With Big Discount.

We do this by avoiding "the middle-man" and importing directly from overseas factories. The products we sell online are the same as you'd find at your local retail store - only our prices are lower. By keeping our overheads down we can pass the savings on to you and focus on providing excellent customer service.

Getting your Stuff

Our busy Warehouse Team receives and sends out hundreds of orders every day, in fact since going online in April 2008 they've processed orders for over 200,000 happy customers.

Customer protection

Enjoy comprehensive warranties including a 45 day no-questions-asked money back guarantee. Most items are also covered by our one year repair and replacement policy.

Exceptional customer service

We take your satisfaction seriously. We provide a professional, dedicated service for every single customer regardless of order size.

Customer focus

We are always committed to fulfilling your needs with the best possible service.


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